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  1. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I have a 2003 arctic cat 500 automatic and I need to know where I am going to encounter the most problems when trying to snorkel it. I also need to know what size pipe is best to use so I have to do the least amount of tuning to the carborater as possible. Any opinions and ideas appreciated.
  2. Utility Performance / Technical info
    Hello all. New to the forums. And i was thinking about putting a Snorkel on my ATV. Not sure how to do it though. I know there 2 intakes and what i don't know how is the intake for the Clutch vent. the Carb intake seems pretty easy. Do you do they both into one? Or Separate? I wouldn't mind a...
  3. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    08 650h1 ran good then went off into a deep hole and sunk it. Noticed the cause was the overflow line not being clogged. But now I cleaned the carb all up really clean and fresh gas and now put her all back together and sitting there it will idle but have to cover snorkel part way to get it to...
  4. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I have a 2007 400 semi transmission and wanted to know how to snorkel the air box ? Do i take it out? Or snorkel it to the air box? Thanks
  5. Utility Performance / Technical info
    This is a thread to help those who may have questions with their older chassis AC ATV, mine is a 1999 400, and I've done a few modifications, including a snorkel, which I will post the snorkel information in the pinned 'snorkel' section. I just wanted to lay out a few custom things I have done...
  6. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I have seen other people putting the mud pro snorkel and tubes on their non mud pro cats and I just ordered everything needed for my 08, but was wondering if I could just pull out the WELDMENT RESONATOR on the current intake tube and what would the effects be?
  7. Utility Performance / Technical info
    i am going to put a snorkel on my 06 arctic cat 400. i am looking for picture of how to run the pipe through the bike and were to drill holes.
  8. Utility Performance / Technical info
    i have a 2006 400 automatic 4x4 i am wanting to put a clutch kit in for more of a response when i hit the gas. I need a a kit i can put in it? i am also wanting to put a snorkel kit or possibly make one but need some directions.
  9. Utility Performance / Technical info
    Hello all, I joined this sight just the other day and im not 100% sure of how to post items but im going to give this a shot... please bare with me. I have tried to read other post but cannot find anything truley related to my specific bike. I have a 06 400i manual. Bought it brand new and i...
1-9 of 13 Results