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  1. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    I have a 1998 ZL500 that is in great shape. It had been taken care of very well over the years. It starts up on first or second pull and everything seems great but I had it in for service and had them look it over and do a leak down test. They are recommending to replace the clutch and...
  2. General Snowmobile Discussion
    Just looking for some suggestions & thoughts on a situation I’m possibly in? Sorry for the long story below I have 94 Wildcat EFI, over the weekend while I was hitting some trails, sled all of a sudden started to bog bad so I cut the motor, found that my coolant was almost completely gone &...
  3. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Was out riding this weekend was almost home and my 2007 Arctic Cat H1 650 started bogging and stopped and shut off felt like it ran out of gas and there was a small puddle of oil under it towed it home. Get it home and machine won't start also oil in the air cleaner (had spark on plug)...
  4. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Got this sled free from a friend. pulled the top end to replace pistons and noticed that the crank case was half full of injection oil. Any ideas on what would cause this? Bad injection pump maybe??
  5. DVX/LTZ400/KFX400
    Hi, I am new to this forum and i have a problem I bought a 2004 DVX 400 in the beginning of November and it start and ran great never had any problems and slowly the quad turned over longer and longer every time I wanted to go for a ride but now it will not start. I can bump start it very easily...
1-5 of 5 Results