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  1. All terrain ect.. repair/service manuals
    Is this normal for a mud pro ? Are the clutches tuned in some way that it needs excessive throttle to get it moving? This is especially bad when the quad is not warmed up yet. You need like half throttle to get it rolling. But once it's warm it's a little bit better. I'm comparison, on my...
  2. Utility Performance / Technical info
    this is my first post so bare with me, i have been running into problem 1 after another with this bike. i rebuilt the top end, web cam and 11:5:1 piston. after doing this i rebuilt the airbox snorkels due to air restrictions i have the Dynojet power commander V with the Autotune o2 sensor...
  3. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Went for a good muddy/water ride last night on 2012 mudpro 700, after going through the last hole my bike started suppetering and missing, first thought was I sucked water In my bike so checked my air box, eng oil and clutch but everything was clean, pulled the plug and it looked good so put it...
  4. General ATV Discussion
    I purchased a set of outlaw 2, 29.5x9x14 all around. Thinking they will fit my stock rims in the rear but am i mistaken? Has anyone had anyluck or will i need to purchase narrower rear rims? Any bit of advice would be appreciated!
  5. Utility Performance / Technical info
    Hi All, Blew belt this weekend while mudding. Was wondering if anybody can suggest a good severe duty aftermarket one or should I just stick to Arctic Cat belts? 09 TRV 1000, MP Snorkels, 2" RTR Lift, 28" Outlaw MST's, stock clutching Thanks.
  6. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Hello guys i have had my mudpro now sitting in my garage for a while , i spun my main bearing on low oil so i need an engine rebult on my 2010 700 mud pro. Anyone know any good mechanics in the houston tx area,..... Really wanna get it going or anyone selling an engine
  7. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Hello wanna buy a new motor for my mudpro, current one is knocking and want to purchase a new motor or used,.... Dont know were to start looking for parts, please help me i need a complete motor!!!
  8. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Hello everyone i have been surfing this website for a few months finally decided to make a profile, i have a very big problem. I have a 2010 700 h1 mud pro this passed week i was racing a bruteforce 750 winning of course up to 55 thats were my mud pro cuts off at i guess i bounce off the...
  9. General ATV Discussion
    I have a 2012 mudpro 700 with 1450 miles on it, before i went for a ride i went for a walk around the bike and noticed im leaking oil from my diff, the oil residue is only on the right side of the diff case and about axle height, has anyone herd of this problem, thaughts or opioions on what it...
  10. General ATV Discussion
    Im riding a 2012 mudpro 700, i hit 1000 miles so decided to check it over, pulled clutch cover off found that my belt has worn slighty at the very top of the belt, not alot but appears to have rubbed on my clutch cover, the side looks fine and as well as the inner cogs, wat would cause it to...
  11. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I got a 2012 mudpro 700 and today i was riding and i broke my front drive shaft unerversial. I noticed before that my engine had ALOT of movement on the clutch side when accelerating. I no they are rubber mounts but im wondering if that woulda caused missalignment and cause the unerversial to...
  12. General ATV Discussion
    I have a 2010 mudpro 700. I went on a bit of a run yesterday and now today when i put it in H or R it revs up on its on and will actually move on its own. Because it reving high it is hard going out of gear. When i do get it out of gear into N it eventually lowers its rpms. i am wondering what...
  13. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I am just wondering if anyone with an hmf pipe on a mudpro has had any problems or had to do anything to the bike to make it work right.
  14. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I have a Mudpro 700 and added a HMF exhaust to it. Right aafter i put the pipe on the bike started to foul plugs. It would start up and run fine but once i drove it a little bit it would die and foul the plug. I asked HMF and they have never heard of a pipe doing this to a bike. I am taking it...
1-14 of 14 Results