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  1. Utility Performance / Technical info
    Note: it went 63 mph out of the dealership .. and a year later I had someone install lift kit.. they messed with speed and turned it down so I couldn't go over 45 mph I've searched the service manual but found nothing for governors and only a speed sensor.. which didn't seem to tell me anything...
  2. Prowler
    Hey everyone. So have a bit of a nightmare. 2 years ago my 2011 hdx prowler 700 decided to split the head and had bad play i bottom end. Took it to a "I can fix it cheaper" guy who didnt know what they were doing yes I know stupidity on my part. But now i have a box of parts and no on really...
  3. Prowler Repair Forum
    Does anyone know the details about the HDX 700 recall? Something about the restraining system... my dealer doesn't seem to know exactly what part is bad or why it needs to be replaced. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results