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  1. Bearcat/Norseman/Utility
    I was surprised to find out the Norseman 6000 comes with 19:50 gears (2.63:1) from the factory. I do a lot of flat land, long distances with pretty light towing loads (~200lbs at most). I don't really need it to be geared quite so low. Crossing long lakes has me WOT and barely making 120km/h...
  2. General Snowmobile Discussion
    This could have been real bad. This is what My wife's bearing looked like when I went to switch out her track for a new one. I'm so glad we caught it! We take our sleds yearly for tune ups and once overs to the dealer and apparently they missed this! We didn't get really any ride time this year...
  3. Utility Performance / Technical info
    Will a 36 tooth ring gear off of a 04 400 work on a 09 700? I have been told that the ring gear is universal, any help is apriecated
1-3 of 4 Results