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  1. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Before I go through the trouble of removing the seat/gas tank of my ZR500, I was wondering if anybody knew if the flat plastic peice under the actual seat held gas of if it was solid plastic or what. I have looked at the microfiche for it and nothing tells me. I have a seat design that mounts...
  2. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    In the process of cleaning out the fuel tank I found that the line in the tank was rotted and in pieces at the bottom. I got all of the pieces out including the strainer, and after looking at the parts diagram I can't seem to find out how much fuel line I need in the actually tank from the...
  3. Vintage 1992 & Older
    Looking for one if anyone has one laying around or a parts sled, shoot me an email. [email protected] Thanks! Bassman
1-3 of 5 Results