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  1. Panther/Pantera/T570/Touring
    Hi everyone... New to AC. Helping my dad out and need to know the front shock length so I can order some new ones. Can't find the length anywhere... Have done lots of searching. It is the gold 04 Pantera 800. Thanks! Todd
  2. General ATV Discussion
    my 06 AC 500 messed up i was on a trail doing about 20mph and i heard a grinding noise i went to stop and my front diff locked up on me and pitch pulled the wheeler 2 times and had it land ontop of me. lucky i wasent hurt to bad just a sprained ankle and a few little cuts. but i cant find any...
  3. General ATV Discussion
    my front diff will not engage will only spin 3 tires and wont engage to true 4x4. anyone have any idea why? hoping its nothing major
  4. General ATV Discussion
    I was trying to remove my drive shaft to replace the seal and I unbolted differential pulled axles moved it forward about a inch and the driveshaft won't come off no matter what I try. What am I doing wrong here? Any advice on how to get the driveshaft out? I also unbolted the two bolts that...
  5. General ATV Discussion
    I recently snapped my axle on my 450 H1 in a little mud. Seems pretty weak to break that easy. My question is are the axles the same for the 550 H1 and the 650 H1???? I'm having a hard time locating replacements for the 450 out there without going to AC. Your helps appreciated!
  6. ATV Plows
    Hey all I have a 2010 Arctic Cat 700 H1 LE. I am going to put a plow system on. I have reviewed alot of people who like the belly mount and alot of people who like the quick attach. What are your opions? Any my main question if I go front mount will it work with my Arctic Cat Front bumper. My LE...
1-6 of 8 Results