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  1. General Snowmobile Discussion
    So I went for a little joy ride today and flipped my 2011 Arctic cat F8 on the opposite side of the oil reservoir. The snowmobile ran for about 15 seconds while on its side. I rolled it over and now it’s throwing a oil light. I let it sit and when I started it back up there was no smoke. Went...
  2. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    I got a code for low octane on my 2011 F8, did some research and figured it was more then likely ready to replace or re torque the knock sensor. So I went to take the sensor off, and it came off with barely any strength. Come to find the sensor was hanging on by a thread, and the head of the...
  3. Vintage 1992 & Older
    Hello, I have a 1979 Panther that has no engine compression. It's just taking up valuable room in my garage and I want to do something with it. There are a few things I was thinking I could do with it. Sell it - I really don't need this snowmobile even if was running, as I have much better...
1-3 of 3 Results