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  1. Firecat/Sabercat
    ok guys i bought a 03 f5 firecat a litttle less than a month ago and i would like to lift the rear end of it to make it sit more agressive so if there is anything i can do with the stock suspension let me know thanks
  2. Firecat/Sabercat
    hello everyone, i actually own a zrt 600 1997 and i tought of getting a f5 2003 next year. What are the good aspects and the bad aspects of this sled. It is liquid cool ? how many horsepower does it have ? top speed ? Is it heavy or you can go in some powder? Because with my zrt it's an hard...
  3. Firecat/Sabercat
    What i already have done to my f5: -Graphics kit -New bearings -bar riser -handgaurds (sportech) -Grip rails What i am looking to do: -Can/scilencer. i really need help and information, what is the best one and most quiet -seat -any other sugestions The sled is an 03 f5snopro. please give me...
1-3 of 3 Results