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  1. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    Hello everyone, just bought a 2011 Sno Pro F800 and I can't seem to find a 4th wheel kit online anywhere for the year, all of them are either for smaller machines or starting in 2012, do they exist? If so, where can I get them? Thank you!!
  2. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    On my new 800 rr I went to adjust the inline throttle cable adjustment to shorten the gap on the handle bars. When I finally found it there were no extra threads to make the adjustment... I couldn't even get it to loosen. I am missing something or is it a bad part? Anyone have this issue?? Any...
  3. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Raced a xps 800 E tec that had some clutch work, gearing and a different air box. I took him off the line, he came back and beat me mid rang pretty bad, top end was pretty much the same, but he went by me so fast mid range that no matter what i could not catch him across a long lake. Need some...
  4. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Changed the belt on my f800, because I shredded my other one from it hitting a vent on the belt guard, idid everything that it said in a tutorial and now I just went to go ride n it doesn't have its snap like it did it moves pretty good but just doesn't have the power it did before. How tight...
  5. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Anyone have any pictures of their F/XF sled (preferably green) with the graphics removed? I'm going to get a wrap soon and I don't like the graphics came on it. So I'm thinking about pulling em off besides the arctic cat decal on the lower side of panels. I seen a pic on here before but can't...
  6. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Anyone know what could be causing this? It's the little black spots. Oil I think or something? What would you guys do?
  7. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    What do you guys think would be the best exhaust set up for my 2012 F800? I have a JAWS silencer that will be here tomorrow but am wondering about what would go good with it to give it a mean sounding rumble and maybe some HP gains?! a Y-pipe or what do you guys think? I'm a newby when it comes...
  8. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    I wanted to purchase a 2012 Procross F800 LXR and was informed by my dealer that he did not order any because they do not come with electric start. He figured that without es people would just as soon get the snopro model. He assumed that AC wanted to keep the weight down on the 800, or there...
1-8 of 10 Results