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  1. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    Was riding my sled (06 Crossfire 600) a couple weekends ago and heard a pop while going full throttle across a lake. Afterwards I started getting a grinding or rattling noise when taking off from a dead stop. I popped the hood when I got home and found the whole outer layer of the belt was...
  2. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    I have a 2006 Crossfire 6 Sno Pro without electric start or battery. I just purchased a new Castle Helmet and heat shield won't work. I also have a new Garmin GPS and when plugged into the yellow and brown plug behind aluminum plate by steering stem the fuse blows on GPS charger. Im using the...
  3. General ATV Discussion
    2009 crossfire 1000r 4800km. Sled looks in very good condition and well maintained. Looking for opinions on who’s owned one and if I should pick it up. There is also a 2006 crossfire 700 both near same in price.
  4. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Hello Everyone, I am looking for hood in good shape for Crossfire 800 (2007), preferably in orange color. I live in Slovenia, Europe. Thank you all in advance. Regards Alen B.
  5. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    I just recently purchased a 2009 Arctic Cat Crossfire R8 Sno Pro and I need a new drive shaft cog but I was wondering if any other Arctic Cat models or Crossfire years would work for the part that I am looking for.
  6. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Okay first off I am new to this forum. You guys have helped me with a lot of issues. I am having issues with my crossfire not starting. The issue I have is it will not start when cold. If I put gas down the heads the sled will fire and run all day no problem. Shut it off and it’ll fire back up...
  7. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    So I got a 09 crossfire 600 and the sled is bone stock. Only thing I have done is went to a backcountry X track, so a 1.25" lug to a 1.75" lug. Clutching wise I am trying to figure out what I need for the clutching to get the most out of the sled again. Do I need to change the drive clutch with...
  8. Arctic Cat Snowmobiles
    I have a 2006 crossfire 700 and I recently bent a rail on the skid and I was wondering if you could buy a left rail for the skid and use it for the right side and just flip everything around on the rail? And is there any other ways to bend the rail back?
  9. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Alright, so I have a 2006 crossfire 700 with a 136 and a worn down 1.25 inch lug track. I purchased a 144 x 2 inch track at the end of last year and I'm itching to put it on, the only thing stopping me is the gearing. I believe the crossfire diamond drive comes with 60/60 gears, and I think I...
  10. Firecat/Sabercat
    I purchased a 2007 cfr1000 sno pro last season and all was good for about three days, had it out around the house in the fields and then it quit. Threw code for the apv valves so replaced cables and cleaned them up. It seemed to fix the problem until the sled quit after about 40-50km or riding...
  11. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    newbie any advice for searching specific problems
  12. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    I was wondering if the telescopic sterring post woulld fit in my 08 like the 09-11, has any one put one in a 08 before will it bolt right in or do i have to modify anything? has any one done it before is so tell me what you did
  13. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    I just bought a 2009 Crossfire 1000 that has electronic reverse. When I put it in reverse and slowly accelerate there is a clunk sound. When I go back to forward it does the same thing. It only does this once and goes forward and backward just fine. Is this sound normal?
  14. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    A few weekends ago the bearings at the brake side broke. So i bought new bearings, and dissasembled most of the snowmobile. But here's the problem, the drive shaft is now stuck to the diamond drive. Do anybody here got any advise how to get the shaft to part from the diamond drive? I have tried...
  15. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Hey guys, So turns out I need to change out my servo motor in my 2006 crossfire 700. Got a good deal on a used one, trying to save a few bucks and install it myself. Only problem is I have no idea where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Im having some trouble wiht my CF had this problem before but it was solved with a heater under the hood for a few hours. Tried it again and it wont start, worked fine yesterday. Heard some sound that was similar to when you shut down a gas burner like a Poof, happens when i shut the sled. All...
  17. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    hello arctic chat world i am looking to buy a 2006 crossfire 6 with 600 miles on it, first i am wondering if these models caused much trouble and also i have some yamalube syntethic blend oil and i was wondering if that was safe to burn in it just to get rid of what i had and then go to a full...
  18. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    Hey guys, I'm new to the sledding world, bought this sled off someone. Ive had some problems with it. First being the Driven clutch was shot, so I replaced it with the 10" sheaves. I'm having problems now with my top end. It tops out at 85 MPH at 7900 RPMS. Along with problem if I really...
1-18 of 38 Results