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  1. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Hey guys, just enjoying the beautiful days here, decided to tinker with my sled i bought back in july, only to find the magnetic switches missing, just curious, saw these on my friends sled when i was doing carb work on his. There is a plug in for them, just also wondering what do these switches...
  2. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    does anybody really know if V-force reeds are worth the money? I have heard some people say they are amazing and had others that say they dont care for them and arnt worth the money. I dunno
  3. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Hey guys looking for some advice , I have a 01 zr800 carb and both my clutches were junk (cracked secondary sheave and bushings in primary weights went bad so I got a new secondary and a comet 108xp primary for 350$ with a d&d single pipe clutch set up. ) I need a new belt and was curious what's...
  4. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    I have an 01 zr 800 with stuff like d&d power breather and a black magic single pipe and can, the problem is that the d&d clutch kit in my sled is for twin pipes (I think) previous owner took the twin pipes off and put the bm single (didn't like finnicky twins) but he never clutched it for the...
1-5 of 6 Results