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  1. General ATV Discussion
    Hey guys I got a 2017 500 4x4 quad and it was used with 1500 miles on it I took it for a rip around my house and mph stopped working and p0500 code came up I know could be wheel speed sensor just wanna know should I be overly concerned cauee j did pay some money for this machine. Also I see it...
  2. Arctic Cat News
    Im hoping someone can help me out here. My bike has no power to the gauge and won't turn over or pull over. I checked all the fuses, all good, checked to see if i have power at the 30Amp main, 15Amp ACC, and 10Amp Ignition, all at the fuse block and I have 12.7 volts at all of them. So then I...
  3. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    So I've recently picked up a 1999 arctic cat 500 4x4 which I thought was in decent running condition. Was able to take it for a test ride and seem to idle and run well at the time. First night out after about 20 minutes it started to back fire a decent amount when ever I let off the throttle and...
  4. Utility Performance / Technical info
    if i do the muffler mod on my 2006 500 auto will i have to rejet my carb? im only gonna drill probley 3 holes just enough to get a bit more air flow
  5. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    ive got a 2006 AC 500 auto i got 28 inch mud lites on it but it keeps wearing my wet clutch out and i dont have the money to keep fixing it. wondering if lightening the clutch rollers would help this any or make it worse and what i would gain or loose by lightening them up. thanks
  6. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Loose Black/white wire on a 1999 Arctic cat 500 4x4 Hi all, I hate to be begging for help on my second post, however I am at wits-end with this four-wheeler. I cannot find a wiring diagram for it anywhere and I have a loose wire that doesn't seem to have any receiving connection . It is the...
1-6 of 7 Results