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  1. C-Tec2 talk Only
    2019 M8000. Today riding in the back country mid ride after eating lunch I fired up my sled and it was flashing low temp 60f. Im seeing temps from -20 to 60 degrees when I know my motor is warm. I have 1/4 throttle before it falls on its face over fueling since it thinks its cold. Im in the...
  2. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Hi! I own a Arctic Cat F800 RR 2013. This entire season I have had a problem with it not getting the engine to rev 8 200 RPM. Today when I was out riding it was wet snow and it won't rev up to more then 7 600 RPM and sometimes it even went down to 6 900 RPM in deep snow. When I'm riding on the...
  3. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    2015 HCR 800 153 New to the forum, looking for some Opinions! So I broke my auto tensioner last year and had to ride out 10-15 miles to get back to the truck, the pad broke off and chain was riding on the metal arm of tensioner. So I replaced the new arm and bought BDX HYVO chain and gear...
  4. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    A few years ago we got an 2001 zr800 which a little while later needed to be rebuilt. Instead of rebuilding, we swapped the 01 carbureted engine with a an 03 efi engine. After doing this, the sled starts up fine cold, but after warming up, the sled dies and will not start until cooled down...
  5. Proclimb M/Ascender/Alpha One 2012+
    Hi I have a 2012 XF800 HC and was wondering when the chain should be replaced. It looks as if the auto chain tensioner has only a few clicks left on it,so thinking I should replace it. Thoughts? No other wear to speak of, it looks pretty good.
  6. CrossFire/CF/CFR 06-11
    A few weekends ago the bearings at the brake side broke. So i bought new bearings, and dissasembled most of the snowmobile. But here's the problem, the drive shaft is now stuck to the diamond drive. Do anybody here got any advise how to get the shaft to part from the diamond drive? I have tried...
  7. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    So I tightened my track and now when i accelerate n as soon as the track starts moving it makes a bad grinding noise. Occationally before it would make a snap or pop noise when I would hit the throttle but after I tightened the track it is bad. seems like it might be ratcheting but my father...
  8. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    what i want is a loud as sled and lots of power so how do i get there i mostly rip on open feilds and and rolling hills and the trails of course sound level does not matter for me il pay the fine ha plz need help
  9. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Gonna be kinda long, but want to give everyone as much info to try to help me out. Sled ran great for 10,000 plus hard miles and finally cracked a piston ring. Got a used cylinder and a new piston and burned it down within 2 miles again. Bad fuel, lots of ethanol. Changed fuel and piston and...
  10. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    Looking for a engine for my 02 zr 800 would like a big twin mine smoked rod bearing and broke lower case either a complete engine or a lower end anything would help prefer Michigan or upper Wisconsin as I have a place in both thanks
  11. Z/ZL/ZR/ZRT/T-Cat/EXT/JAG/Cougar
    My zrt has me puzzled. It will start and run on all 3. I can tell by the fact I got it clutched at 5500 and it won't engage if its not running on at least 2. The pto and center cylinder will stay cold for as long as I warm it up. Once I pick up the back and spin the track it will start to get...
  12. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    How should I go about putting a longer track on an F800!? What would you guys do? I need a longer track for powder riding if its possible! THINK SNOW
  13. Performance/Racing
    I am building a zrt 600 drag sled in a completely different chassis. There would be problems trying to fit a jackshaft and chaincase in here. So we are thinking on direct drive. We would have the secondary on the speedo side and the brake on the chain side. We have access to a good machinist and...
  14. Proclimb M/Ascender/Alpha One 2012+
    Does anyone have the SKINZ bumper and skidplate in stock, I'm not having any luck so far. Preferrably a B.C. dealer but will go over the line
  15. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    Does everyone else's sled shake quite a bit while running? It's not like really bad but noticeable. the side panels n the front part of them are like making a rattling noise cuz it's shaking. Should I be concerned? I'm going to make sure everything is tight after work, But how much is it really...
  16. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    The 4.5 riser isn't really comfortable for how much stand up riding I do. Would like a 6 inch riser be okay or would I have to get cable extensions? What's the limit? If you guys have any pics of your change let see em!
  17. F/M/XF/ZR Procross Chassis 2012+
    How well would an f800 sp do in The deeper snow of Montana if I got a new track with some bigger lugs? Would like to go there but don't know how well it would hold up. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
1-17 of 34 Results