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  1. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    anyone know if a cluster from a 2012 would work? Kinda looks like it'd be a nice upgrade!
  2. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    I just acquired a 2006 650 v2 via trade. Cat happyI traded a smoking and knocking wolverine 350 for it. The v2 supposedly just needs rod bearings and put back together.:Bangin: the guy I got it from said that the rod bearings could be replaced without splitting the cases. my question is what...
  3. General ATV Discussion
    Does anyone know of a alternative fuel pump that will fit my atv? I read on a couple places that maybe a 650-1100 v star pump might fit it, but no confirmation or known of anyone who's done it. The pump assembly costs almost $700. I think I only need the pump itself and Im willing to do slight...
  4. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Went on a ride and about the last mile I noticed a popping noise coming from the right rear wheel area. It tends to go away, or not be as loud, when turning right. I took a look and noticed a band on the outer cv boot was loose. Would the cv cause the noise and what part will I need to get to...
  5. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    so, I'm driving in the afternoon in a desert route, half throttle, and suddenly my 650}v2 starts misfiring, loses power, and then picks up again. It does this sporadicaly. On the return from the trip, it started doing it more often, to the point that midrange throttle could no longer be...
  6. Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    I have an 05 v2 and when I bought it last fall it ran ok! When I started it this spring it would backfire on decceleration. I drained the fuel and filled it up and added some seafoam and nothing changed. So I decided to clean the carbs and installed an HMF slip on while I had the carbs apart and...
1-6 of 11 Results