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  1. Utility Performance / Technical info
    I have recently had trouble with my front 4wd gearbox. When I switch it into 2wd it constantly switches and wont stop. Its like it doesn't want to stay in 2wd. When I put it in 4wd it doesnt try to switch. It will stay in 4wd. It's a 2006 Arctic cat 400m. It is constantly in and out of a creek...
  2. General ATV Discussion
    I have a Arctic cat 650 H1 and it won't disengage the 4wd. when you press the selector to change it to 2wd it comes up on the screen but it doesn't make the sound and it doesn't go into 2wd. The differential lock lever is broken and i'm wondering if that is in the lock position then it's not...
1-2 of 2 Results