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  1. Panther/Pantera/T570/Touring
    Secondary clutch not moving! Belt is trying to grab but won’t pull the secondary loose! She hasn’t ran in five years and finally got her up n running.
  2. Vintage 1992 & Older
    I have a 1977 Cheetah 5000 ... The problem first is that it starts fine but when warmed up it would die on idle and not restart. Got some parts from a guy for the gas line that should fix the problem, but the problem now is I took it apart 2 years ago and don't remember where the gas lines all...
  3. Vintage 1992 & Older
    i have a 77 cheetah with the 500cc twin spirit motor. and it runs, sorta. when it is running it lacks power, has no snap at all. when it gets warm it barley as enough to spin the belt. it did have old gas in it, put fresh in. didn't make much a difference. i think its a carb issue, but i haven't...
  4. Kitty Cat/ZR120/ZR200
    I have one more question, does anyone know if Arctic Cat still makes the seat foam and seat cover for the pantera 5000 FA? Someone tried to take the snaps off but ended up ruining the cover and the snaps. Any hep would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bryan
  5. Vintage 1992 & Older
    1977 Pantera Help Ok, I have a question, My slides wore out on my Pantera, and i just ordered some new ones, but they are not OEM I don't think, and after seeing what people say about aftermarket slides wearing out, i got to thinking, Does AC still make slides for a 1977 Pantera? any help would...
1-5 of 5 Results