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  1. Turbo 4 Stroke Performance
    Okay guys first post here, this spring is picked up a 2015 zr9000 and just recently have been prepping it for the season. TD 3 stage tune with anti lag, new plugs cr9eb gapped .020, new fuel filter, oil change, gear oil change, and IAC cleaned. However the sled will idle fine up to temp but once...
  2. 4 Strokes
    Has anyone put a 1.5 inch lug track on a TZ1 LXR 1100? I want to upgrade my track but going to the 1.25 lug like the turbo uses just does not seem like a big enough difference.
  3. 4 Strokes
    Gentlemen and Ladies, I would like to inquire upon you who has created the best tune for the 1100 turbos. I'm looking into Bikeman, Turbo Dynamics, and Speedwerx. I'd prefer the 4 stage mapping so that I can select a different map based upon the riding conditions and fuel available. I'll be...
1-3 of 4 Results