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ZR 580
I bought this ZR in the fall of 1998 with 2300+ miles showing; it was running, but a total basket case! The tunnel was busted in a few spots, and the bulkhead was all cracked up!

It was someone's race sled at some point in its life, with twin pipes; then it became a mountain sled with a 136 track.

I spent 3 months restoring it; I tore it down to the bulkhead and started over, rebuilding/restoring as I went; I built a new lightweight tunnel myself from scratch, and riveted it together with aircraft solid rivets; I sandblasted & re-painted all the suspension components, freshened up the clutches, and replaced the missing heat exchanger in the front of the bulkhead.

I rode it during the 98-99 winter in the mountains, until I bought a new Powder Special; I rebuilt the engine in 2003, and added a new Arctic 6 tower primary clutch.
1994 Arctic Cat ZR 580 (Black)


Rebuilt stock 580 engine w/replated triple port cylinders, rebuilt crankshaft/rods, used cases, stock ignition, oil injection, stock single pipe and muffler; Mikuni 40mm round slide carbs, Mikuni fuel pump.

Arctic 6-post primary w/44gram cam arms, yellow spring.

Arctic secondary w/Black Magic roller conversion, 49' helix and red spring.
Arctic belly pan skid plate, Arctic handlebar ends, 14" low windshield, Arctic rear rack.
Original A-arms and spindles, (but I'm not not sure about the shox and springs-they seem a little short); Arctic plastic trail skis off a '02 ZR, with 4" carbides.

I dropped the rear suspension arm down out of the tunnel 3.5" for better snow clearance with home-made rear hangers; stock skid and shocks, with the center idler wheels removed.
Wheel and Tire
Camoplast Cobra 136x15x1.25"



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