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Arctic Cat
Panther 303 Wankel
rotary engine
This machine has a little patina on it, but runs nicely and the drive is super smooth. I got this for $570 in June 2012 from a guy I met at the 2011 Hay Days in Minn. It's nearly show ready. I think a windshield and a seat are needed. Both are ok, but I'd like them to be a bit better. It cleaned up really nicely, and I'm going to spray a coat of clear over everything just the way it is to minimize any further rusting. But, I want to show it in an unrestored class, so I can't even paint some parts just to prevent the rust. I'm not sure how the clear will be viewed. We'll see. The track is really nice with full cleats. Everything is straight and in good condition for a 40 year old machine with approx 500 miles on it. There's no speedo or tach, which is kind of lame. With the exotic engine, you'd think the two most basic instruments would be there. I bought this because of the rotary engine
1972 Arctic Cat Panther 303 Wankel (Black)



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