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I bought this Thundercat used. When they came out I couldn't afford one. The 95's were coming out when this 93 became available. It had low mileage and was in very good condition. Although at the time I could have easily wrote a cheque (that's the proper English spelling for what American's write check) for a brand new Thundercat, the 93 was what I wanted. Mostly because I should have been able to buy it when they came out.
I've kept it in the best shape that I could, and only made slight improvements to it.
At the end of the 93-94 season I had purchased a 93 Thundercat suit. At the time I never thought I'd own a Thundercat so I sold the suit like a dummy. When I bought the sled I tried to buy the suit. Well I don't have it, but we 93 Thundercat owners are going to get them made!
1993 Arctic Cat Thundercat (Black/Salmon)


Under the hood it's only received slight improvements. The carbs are at 39.5 and jetted properly. The clutches have been properly calibrated by a very good friend who always beat me at the track! If you can't beat them, join them!
The most noticeable change are the ceramic chrome pipes dumping into the RPR stingers. I will eventually get the stingers chromed. For now they are just painted with high temp header paint.
The exterior is original stock. The seat is also original and with no rips, tears or burns!
The sled came with an original minty cover. However someone liked it more and it disappeared. It took years but last summer I found a brand new one still in the box! But it is for a two up 93 Thundercat (which I never knew existed!). What one learns well after the fact! I will be working on getting new covers with the original cresting!
The suspension has been improved from the stock set up including plastic skis, carbides, gas shocks and plenty of picks.
The improvement to the suspension has made it much easier to handle and ride.
Wheel and Tire
The track is still the original and has held up well.



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