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Panther 303w
I bought this last summer (2011) for $80. A freind of mine is a Ski Doo "guy" and this was given to him with out a motor. He went to a swap meet and picked up a 1971 Wankel 303 for $50. When he got home and pulled it over, he felt it had little/no compression. I'm an ex-Mazda guy so he called me to ask about it. When he did I told him I'd give him $100 for it, next thing I knew, it was in my yard! I put a 94c clutch on, new poits and condenser, had to find an HL carb, as it had none, AND I had to build a muffler from scratch! I also went though the suspension, made new skis, and put on a newer track, with replacing 10 cleats on new track. It's a blast to drive, even though it tops out at 30 Mph. It seems to have all the torque in the world! More "tweeking" to come!
1970 Arctic Cat Panther 303w



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