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Arctic Cat
500 Auto FIS
Red and Dirt
I've basically did a full resto on my AC. I bought it for $370 and when I first pulled up to the sellers farm I couldn't even tell it was a Arctic Cat. After months of finding parts and getting the frame and anything metal that was rusty prepped for primer and paint it was finally ready for it first trail ride. Or so I thought. It ran ok but was seriously down on power and puffed blue smoke under acceleration. Next step was a top end rebuild and a cylinder head port and polish and 3 angle valve job. When I was finished reassembling the top end I drain the oil and found brownish pieces. Well not done fixing her yet. Pulled the clutch covers off and the wet clutch was really worn and so was the drum. Luckily I found a NOS for $85 and have a friend with a lathe to machine the wet clutch drum. After I reinstalled everything including the bearing for the clutch it was time for the mods. Jet kit& carb clean, muffler mod, upgraded coil and uni air filter. First time out on the trails I babied it for the break in. Well sort of babied it but right away it felt so much stronger HP wise. After the break in, some fresh oil and two weeks later it was time to see what she really had. At this time I also bought a 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500HO and after this machine was broken it,(did the break in same time as my AC) it was time to run them. From a dead stop my AC was head by about 2 feet then by 40mph my front bumper was equal to the Polaris rear bumper. I have to say I was impressed being their very close in weight. I will say I'm roughly 30 lbs heavier than my father and the Polaris has more HP. Overall I'm very happen with the performance especially the cylinder head Port&Polish.

Since I wrote my profile I've added some more fun. I installed a 700 H1 camshaft and a Epi yellow secondary spring. I also took 2 grams out of 4 of the rollers. What a huge improvement with the clutch work. It's a totally different machine and now I can beat my Dad's 2012 Sportsman 500.
2002 Arctic Cat 500 Auto FIS (Red and Dirt)


Lots of goodies!!!!!!!
Well I guess redoing my seat would be interior.
2003 AC 400 FIS plastics. Funny when people say" Damn that's fast for a 400!" I always get a good laugh when it's said.
Innovate Wideband O2 Sensor, Trail Tech Display and 7" Genssi 12 LED Spot light bar.
Stock with RTR bushings all around. Possibly RTR flex bracket kit and 650 v2 shocks.
Wheel and Tire
Good by Goodyears and HELLO Kenda Bear Claw HTR's.
And GOOD BYE HTRs and now Carlisle 489s. The extra width in the fronts really helps the handling.

25-10x12 front
25-11x12 rear



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