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Arctic Cat
panther 500/fc
artic cat red
i got this sled free from a guy who let it sit for 10 years outside uncovered.
its got 2068 miles on it. i wanted a project...and it wound up being this sled. currently teaching myself how-to everything on it. so any suggestions would be great!!! i want to rebuild it like you would a classic car.
i know it may not be worth it in terms of monetary value, but i will get much satisfaction out of learning how to rebuild a snowmobile. as it turns out (i am a month into it now) it happens to be very easy in my opinion , mostly because the sled motor and the mechanical parts (unbelievably) are in perfect working order. except the coil so far i have 35 bucks into it and 30 hours of labor, but i have pulled replaced all the lines and hoses , pulled and cleaned and rebuilt the gas tank hoses and filters inside and out cleaned and rebuilt the carb the oil tank and the brake system now in the process of recovering the seat and i found a guy in concord NH with brand new windshields for 30 bucks!!!! so in the spring the motor will come out and i will go through all the steering and suspension (it works perfectly now) just to tighten it up and clean it as well as a paint job which i AM experienced with. so it will look quite new when i am done and i can already see i will want another "project" snowmobile when i am done this one.
1988 Arctic Cat panther 500/fc (artic cat red)


500 / fan cooled one carb no EFI twin jugs. actually its a great motor very basic. lots of room to work.
none all stock. artic cat RED???? i thought they were all green. yes the red is factory.
where does the queen keep her army???

in her sleevy! now thats entertainment.
Wheel and Tire
original stock track in exellent shape.


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