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2002 300 4x4 I got as payment for some tree work
Just brought this home and got it cleaned up. I can't believe this thing is 30 years old
Has original OEM cover.
Took a rundown 2001 Mountain Cat 1000 144 and gave it some needed attention
Just bought myself a used 700 efi to take to the trails. What should I be looking at first to make sure i don't run into any problems. Like things i should replace ect. And any mods I should put in her for better muding/trial experience
1970 Puma EXT 295
This is a beauty that NOT too many people are able to acquire nor experience...she's a one of a kind GEM!!! NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!!
This is my 2nd winter with this sled. It's close to turning 11,000 miles with no rebuild. Love this sled and it's been a lot of fun so far.
I believe I have 5,000 miles on this sled now and has never left me stranded!
2020 ZR LTD 137 6000
Here is my '78 jag 3000 F/A. Comet duster clutch and a few other odds and ends.
600 Died so here are some photos of the 700 EFI swap
Doing a motor swap, switching in a larger motor than the stock 440cc
Stator starter gears distroyed
1998 Arctic Cat BearCat (Green/Black)
1998 Arctic Cat BearCat (Green/Black)