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My custom SUV with a winch, hitch, antenna, and more! (The camper is custom also) Here's a link.
Found this on the internet. Thought you might like it.
May look cool, but is junk.
This is a beauty that NOT too many people are able to acquire nor experience...she's a one of a kind GEM!!! NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN!!
This is my 2nd winter with this sled. It's close to turning 11,000 miles with no rebuild. Love this sled and it's been a lot of fun so far.
I believe I have 5,000 miles on this sled now and has never left me stranded!
Towing the kids 70’s caboose
In the process of restoring
2020 ZR LTD 137 6000
Here is my '78 jag 3000 F/A. Comet duster clutch and a few other odds and ends.
600 Died so here are some photos of the 700 EFI swap
Doing a motor swap, switching in a larger motor than the stock 440cc
Stator starter gears distroyed