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  1. HCR ski stance mod - ANYONE?

    Proclimb M/ Ascender/ Alpha One 2012-?
    I have a '14 m8000 SP and want to go wider!! Have anyone done that? Reason to do this is that i feel my old '10 m8 ltd was better with the wider stance for my use... Yes i know now i should have bought a different sled but the HCR does not come with telescopic steering.
  2. Proclimb OEM Belt replacement

    Proclimb M/ Ascender/ Alpha One 2012-?
    Bought the 5046, I hope i dont have any alignment issues, i have a new 2014 M8000 waiting for me when i get home from work next week, just want spare belt since the dealer in Norway charges over 300$ for one 084!!! From what i have read, the 14 sled should be good with alignment etc?
  3. Non stop belt blowing

    Proclimb M/ Ascender/ Alpha One 2012-?
    Are all the problem solved on the 14? I ordered one on friday, hope to have a trouble free end season!
  4. 2008 Crossfire 8 Issues

    CrossFire 136-141
    Good, looking forward to get home now to the snow, i am in iraq at the moment. This warranty is set by the goverment, little har to explain but we have a ... what to call it in english... consumable union and they have decided this, its apliccable to a lot off things and goes outside of the...
  5. 2008 Crossfire 8 Issues

    CrossFire 136-141
    What happend with yours silverram, what was the prob? I find it strange that gillamtony would have to pay for all his electic problems, here in norway we have 5 yrs warranty on electric components like ecu! And yes that goes for arctic cat's ecu as well!!
  6. 2010 M8 what goodies to add?

    M Series/Mtn.
    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (M7 Rocks @ Dec 24 2009, 09:09 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div> Turbo/supercharger
  7. New Mountain Seat

    CrossFire 136-141
    Do you HAVE to remove the pins and plastic tabs on the tunnel, Im thinking about going the other way, putting an old seat on my 2010 M8 SP LE. The reason for this is that i need to have my wife with me up the moutain to the cabin, up there i can swich the seat and go solo up the hills :-D
  8. BR Tech has new M Hood and Screens!!

    Arctic Chat's Sponsor's Forum
    Not much of answer here and little pictures on the home page. Would like to see more pictures and would like to know if you ship to norway and at what cost..... There might be several whom is interressted here so we are looking at an order of 5+
1-8 of 8 Results