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  1. Radiator relocation kit for articat 700 efi 2007

    General ATV Discussion
    Went with rubber down customs for my mud pro and they definitely did good on their product
  2. Mudpro mods

    Have a 2014 Mud Pro myself and have done a few mods.... installed a pair of moose heated grips on it with a dual zone control for your hand/ thumb area..... 30" itp cryptids on 14" ss rims...... Rubber Down Customs rad relocate...... finished it off with an E.P.I mudder clutch kit to engage a...
  3. 2012 700 Mudpro Canadian SRP

    General ATV Discussion
    Nice buy there , seen this one on kijiji. I had a 2012 originally that i had bought a year old brand new, paid 12,400 tax in. I now have a 2014 i picked up last year that i had found with only 64 miles. of your ever riding in the saskatoon area shoot me message , enjoy the new unit , youll...
  4. Modded 2014 Mud Pro 700

    New Member Introduction Only!!!!
    Ride out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Have a 2014 Mud Pro 700 , a few mods have been done to "big red". Just recently put on a custom rad relocate from rubber down customs (highly recommend) as well as a new tire/ rim combo consisting of ITP Cryptids 30" x 10" mounted on 14' ss 212 rims. Has...
  5. Modded 2014 Mud Pro 700

    Picture/video of your ATV's
    Decided to do a few mods to the ol mud pro during Christmas Break.... Custom Rad Relocate by Rubber Down Customs out of Ontario, Canada. As well thought it was time for an upgrade in rubber, went with ITP Cryptids in 30" x 10" wide on 14" s.s. 212 Rims. Definitely happy the way she turned out...
  6. 2014 mud pro 700 mods .... 30” tire upgrade , rad relocate...

    General ATV Discussion
    Ill tell ya i was quite happy with the whole R.D.C kit and it came with everything you needed. Just installed it over the Christmas break and took me roughly 2.5 hours start to finish. Id definitely recommend for sure. Attached a picture of it , installed .
  7. 2014 mud pro 700 mods .... 30” tire upgrade , rad relocate...

    General ATV Discussion
    Well new to the site got myself a 2014 mud pro 700 199 miles on it now as I picked it up this year with only 64 miles from a guy I knew ! Just picked myself up a set of itp cryptid tires (30 x10x 14) mounted on ss212 matte black rims. Also just had my rad relocate come in from rubber down...
1-7 of 7 Results