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  1. '18-'19 ctec2 800 Clutch questions

    C-Tec2 talk Only
    Between Favoritos comment about springs wiggling during hard acceleration/compression, there is often witness marks on the primary’s spring cup edges, tapering those cups edges will allow an easier upshift. These 8” TEAM primary’s are just ONE MORE REASON that full shift is not achieved (not...
  2. 1995 Artic Cat 580 Ext Efi

    Try adding a 1-2 second long shot of WD-40 to each cylinder, quickly reinstall plugs and wires, then see if it at least “fires” for a second or two.. If not, could well be a compression related issue (among other things related to efi’s back during that era)
  3. 1996 zr 700 problems???

    No 1996 MY 700’s. Back then, the first two digits of tunnels stamped VIN will disclose the MY.
  4. Electrical Problems on 02 4x4 manual!

    Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    To me, sounds like internal shorting of the switch itself. Low current transfer to power lights when in lights off position. Hence lights becoming brighter in actual ON position. Sounds like tail light bulb has blown low watt filament, hence why only brake light works. EDIT: Further thinking...
  5. ZR9000 air cleaner oil issue

    Turbo 4 Stroke Performance
    Is it engine oil or filter oil? What year?
  6. Arctic Cat dealers - shut downs (like previous GM dealers)?

    General ATV Discussion
    That’s news to me.. Strange considering a friends Cat dealership “should” have been affected by that very scenario. Jim and Cheryl’s place has not been affected by this at all. IMO (again: My Opinion), this is weeding out sub-par dealers (like mentioned earlier)
  7. 2002 Artic Cat 375 auto temperature light stays on

    Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Those switches create individual “grounds” when temps reach spec. The fact that light is constantly on is sign of short to ground in the temp sensor circuitry. Fan not working sounds like possible power supply to fan motor, or bad fan motor
  8. Just installed New Artic FX wrap on my sled, what do all you guys think?

    General Snowmobile Discussion
    Jordan always has done awesome work. Very impressive.
  9. 400 wont start

    General ATV Discussion
    Here’s the innards of a 2004 400 4x4 that had weak peak voltage and out of spec stator readings (see broken pole on stator) Strong possibility yours may be very similar?
  10. Plowman mount

    F Chassis 2007- ??
    Sorry to hear that.
  11. 05 400 atv no spark mystery

    Utility ATV repair, maintenance, troubleshooting
    Not a real fan of peak voltage. Have always had more success with testing ohms.
  12. Hyfax Length how far along the rail do you guys leave them?

    General Snowmobile Discussion
    They can be cut as short as 1” from end of rail. Longer cuts often end up giving off clicking or buzzing noises (dependent on speeds traveling), and also sometimes (with tracks that have very little stretch in them) create reverse mode resistance by hitting on track clips IF NOT TAPERED WELL...
  13. Plowman mount

    F Chassis 2007- ??
    810-736-1100 I just tried calling, no answer (and no answering machine/voicemail) Try calling him tomorrow, chances are they’ll be around...? 🤷‍♂️
  14. Plowman mount

    F Chassis 2007- ??
    Last time I drove past Donny Plowmans place of business, it didn’t look too good for future productivity IMHO. I’ll see if I can contact him and have him come in and reply.
  15. Solenoid

    C-Tec2 talk Only
    Definitely the battery
  16. Passing this along

    General Off-Topic
    Sadly learned a few hours ago of the passing of former member (and good friend) zrmike, when I’d called to speak with him and possibly arrange a visit today. Hadn’t spoken a lot in very recent months, but with me moving much closer to his newest residence in NW Michigan’s lower peninsula, I...
  17. So long arcticchat, follow me boys.

    Way more,,,,,, :thumbsup: Dude, if you only knew,,,,,,,,,,
  18. Sno Pro 500 studs, ect.

    Sled Mods & Tech-Tips
    1.325" at tallest corner ******* of lugs,, actually 1.25" "effective" lug height,, 1.325" woody's are correct,, 1.375" studboys in mine
  19. WTF ?? snow??

    Weather people are like dreamy sex pervs,, always promising more than they can truly deliver
  20. sno pro 500 is junk cat wont stand behind it

    SnoPro Chassis 2010 - 2013
    JSYK,,, our dealers last seasons 2010 500 demo had all the foams still on it and not one portion of it trimmed, it was all adhered correctly as it was inspected for such "issues" by us upon assy,,, the fuel pumps mounting surface reseal was the only TSB to be performed when it left 2 weeks ago...
1-20 of 176 Results