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  • AzCheetah ·
    Hi doorfx, You seem very involved with the forum here and I followed your advice in modding my 09 TRV 1000 Cruiser exhaust - it sounds great and performs better than stock. My current problem I need to fix is rear CV joints. My quad has a whole 403 miles on it - all of which are non-aggressive, mild trail riding type miles. At about 300 miles the left rear outer CV joint started making noise when I would turn left and then about 50 miles later, the right rear outer started doing the same thing. So my question is should I get new CV joints from somewhere like Country Cat or should I go with something like Gorilla axles that have the CV joints installed? What would you do. I dont want to have one let go while I am out in the forest tooling around. Thanks! Neal Jackson - Lakeside, AZ
    Like to Thank You for your help with the headlights. After going out to look at it today I can say I NEVER took notice to the switch nor had I ever have seen the blue indicator light for the hi beam. Don't really ride it at night. Now I need to get a buld as I broke one the other day. Like you said read the book. LOL
    doorfx ·
    They are an awesome tire,way better in everything from mud to trails than the mudlites.I had pluglites before these and no comparison.They are not as good in the mud as a regular outlaw.If you ride 70% of the time in the mud and 30% on the trails then get the outlaws,but if it is the other way around get the mst's you will be happy!!!! I smile
    muddymallard ·
    How do you like thoes outlaw mts. Im liftin my can in the next few days and the only reason im waiting is because I cant decide on tires. idk if you would know but how do they rack up against the standard outlaw or the mudlites? they look like a cross between the two. Thanks
    aoliveira ·
    What Did I Do Wrong?

    Quote: Originally Posted by aoliveira [IMG]
    He seemed to be okay, however,I dunno
    I see now that the speed on the speedometer is half the real...bang your head[IMG]
    98rangerll ·
    hey keep lookign for the fox shocks but cant seam to find them if you happen to spot them if you were so kind as to send i a link so i can find them i would greatly appreciate it
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