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  • MRMOTO128 ·
    Just swapped the flywheel on a 2006 arctic cat 400 4x4 FIS automatic. We just updated the flywheel/magneto as the magnets scattered. However upon reassembly we are having issues with placing the 2 spare washers which fell out upon left side case removal. Once we installed the left side case the starter bound. I have the complete factory service manual as well as a parts schematic all of which do not show the positioning. Do you know the correct positioning?
    Jdn58 ·
    yes. it is understood. I see you edited your post as have I. I sent ya a couple replies but not sure if you are getting them. explanations actually. you have helped me with advice since ive found this site. thanx.
    sodas ·
    Hey doorfx., hope all is well. I messaged you because you have answered most of my posts. I have done numerous searches on the clutch system. On all the atv the belt sits flush with the outer edge of the secondary, I noticed mine was sitting about an eight of an inch out and seamed to tight. I have purchased a few different size shims to make the belt flush. Once I am done this I will check my deflection to spec. Just wondering if I have the right idea here. Also, at idle should the secondary keep turning. Hope you can help me on this. Thanks
    1bighunter ·
    Hello it's Mike from Lumsden I got a belt from you back in the summer for my 2005 500 and I was wondering if you would happen to have a electric choke for my machine? Let me know.

    arcticat_stud_dave ·
    I have a question, I just put a Dalton clutch kit on cuz of my tires. I went yesterday and once in the woods in 20mins it started to bog down I took to a field tried to open it up and was sputtering. shut it off and then 15 later was fine, you have a clue what's up?
    AzCheetah ·
    Hi doorfx. I sent you a pm a few minutes ago asking for thoughts on rear axles for my 09 TRV 1000 Cruiser. I just ordered a set of Mud Pros from Country Cat. Keith at CC was very helpful and made the price about the same as Parts Nation and so I went ahead and did the order and the axles should be here in about a week. I was very happy with the service by Keith at Country Cat. Thanks! Neal in AZ.
    05cat500 ·
    Hi there you seem llike an expert so tell how much should I put in the front and rear differentials on my 05 arctic cat 500 manual?
    401tk ·
    Hi doorfx. I posted a thread on the forum asking if anybody knew where and if taller bars were available anywhere for AC ATVs but it got moved to the WTB section. No responses. You seem to have a good idea of what is available for these quads. Do you know if there is a taller bar available either from AC or aftermarket? I would like to still maintain my stock gauge cluster. Couldn't find anything at my local dealer..... Any help would be appreciated! TK
    doorfx ·
    I very seldom check these private messages so contact me by pm. For those who i didnt answer i am sorry
    Acledrew ·
    Was wondering if you could somehow post a video of your bike with throttle response how she should sound and take off... Used your jetting as a starting point but my bike doesn't seem to have the increases everyone else have written.. Almost like it takes an extra second for it to power to kick in then I can feel the difference
    perrycountyredneck ·
    Hello friend hope your having a good summer of wheelin, have a quick question maybe you can give me some pointers. Rear oil seal brake side diff. And front left oil seal . I seen your link on the 400 replacement for the rear, does my axel pop out with a good pull like the 400? And how hard is the front to replace? Thanks and God bless...
    frankenstein ·
    thanks for the tip, gunna get to it this week,, it was also mentioned that if the water pump drips out the bottom, that was an indication it was bad,,,,,,
    but mine is not dripping,, ill check the rad for debree
    just turned 300 miles on my 2010 1000 2 inch lift, 30 inch black mambas
    3 inch wheel spacers snorkleed out airdam stage 1 and 2
    i really like it , minus the ova heatin
    thanks ,
    rickterrill ·
    Quick ? about belt exhaust, does it blow out with any force? thinking of rigging up a check valve so I could just bring out 2 pipes Im going to snorkel mine after my filter got damp.
    MUDinmyBLOOD ·
    Hey, I remember when u got your shock bushings cause I got them and you received my a arm bushings. Then we sent them to each other. Now I installed some shock bushings 2-3 weeks ago just as sanny was getting out of it. Anyways , I was thingking about welding the spline connection on the front drive shaft where it slides in the u-joint. Is this a bad thought . 2010 mud pro seems to have too many different parts on drive shaft.
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