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  • 99zrt600mod ·
    Hi Auggie,

    In searching many posts it seems you are a go to guy for ZRT800 clutching. I have been advised from smurf that he uses a goodwin purple spring (belive 140/360), 1060 polaris weights, red/white secondary spring with a 60-52 helix. From his description, ~4k engage, ~8500 shift, it sounds like what i want. But my riding weight of ~180-90 is a lot lighter than his, so i was hoping you may be able to add some of your knowledge before i buy parts, as my lighter riding weight may affect the shift rpm...

    Thanks in advance!
    snowripper ·
    Hi Auggie,

    I'm a contacting you in hopes that your knowledge of fuel pumps would help me locate a rebuild kit for one off my Yamaha m/c that is only available as a pump $$. It looks very similar to one you recommended to a member for his '04 900 King Kat, but the ports are in different locations. Any help with this would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Rich

    Hindos800 ·
    Hey auggie I'm branden brand new to this site and I've seen you alot on posts and are very good w cats, just wondering
    If you could help me with a decision on a secondary spring for my zr 800. Your help would be greatly appreciated, let me know
    badpantera ·
    Hi Auggie,
    I've been reading the forums here for a few years and it's apparent you have a lot of Cat knowledge. Last winter I read a post where you had told someone to drill holes in their Thundercat crackcase to get more lube to the balance shaft bearings. My Pantera just suck coolant and wrecked my balance shaft and two crank bearings. Going to repair and would really like to drill those holes. Would you tell me what size you drill them ??????? Appreciate any help.
    Thank you,
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