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What is the strangest thing you have ever seen while you

were in the woods? There was a similar thread on another forum I frequent and it turned out to be a very interesting read. There were funny stories as well as weird and scary stories.

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On my Local atv forum a guy was riding near a city dump and he came across a homeless man who was a little off if you
Catch my drift who choose to live in the woods all year round, he stole bikes from the dump and fixed and sold them for money. He had tons of cats, a wood stove for our -40*C winters and lived off food from the dump. Crazy eh?

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My uncle grew up on a little farm not far from where I live now.

One day while he and his brother were out wandering about the nearby countryside, they happened upon a neighboring farmer standing on a rock, with his pants down, doin' his business with a cow.

I'm not sure how one persuades a cow to remain still for the duration, unless it feels compelled to do so out of desire. And I suppose there's something to be said for being able to please a cow. But all in all, I consider it a little weird.

Course I am kinda old fashion that way.

Bovine Bliss I guess.

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As a teenager I went out of town with a friend who's dad ran a traveling french fry trailer. We went to a weekend long carnival to help run the stand and stayed in his motorhome over the weekend. One day we decided to sneak out to the nearby woods for a smoke and discovered a tree with a manmade ring around it about 10 feet up. Under and all around this tree someone had a large amount of pot growing very nicely ...........

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MAN< over the yr I seen so many Strange things, its hard to put a finger on the strangest one,
I have found a set of Human Hands once, I found the prop from a airplane propeller,
I was once way back in middle of NO where, (for PA that is) about 5 miles from nearest road, and came across a few people at NIGHT wandering thru the woods in hooded robes carrying old fashion lanterns and walking about ringing bells?
they come to mind as being up near the top, but I have a lot more odd encounters and things I have found over the yrs than made me wondering what the F!~
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Ok I'll bite, this experience didn't happen to me, but did happen to my Dad. Back during the 70's my Dad and some of his fishing buddies, he had two or three that fished with him regularly that is. Anyway Dad like to night fish especially during the summer months when the day's were hot. They would normally drift fish for catfish on our local lake about 4 miles away.

One night my Dad and one of his fishing buddies was on the lake fishing around 2 AM when he said this UFO appeared above the lake and was just hovering. He said he looked at his fishing partner and said are you seeing that and his partner replied yes.

Dad said it was cigar shaped object or craft. He said it hovered for few seconds, maybe less than 30 seconds then it took off. Now as crazy as this sounds there are tons of UFO sightings that people report all the time to this day. I have no doubt what my Dad and his fishing buddy saw. It was not made up for laughs, because my Dad was not that kind of a person. Actually he was a pretty serious minded and honest person and never really a jokester type.


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Summer of 1977, a former classmate and I were skateboarding in the freshly paved parking lot of the newly built Toys Are Us in the Flint, Mi. Twp. Wed sent my mom for food to the local BK and were just taking a seat on the seriously inclined In access ramp that faced south towards a long strip of Box Stores back then.

Bishop Intl Airport is about 1.25 miles away (as a crow flies/directly straight) from there. As Dan and I were talking, we both seen what we first thought was an Airforce jet leaving the WB strip at a very high rate of speed as it had just cleared the horizons line of view.
Funny thing though, no noise?!, then, (and most folks here know Im a speed freak, so this means something!!), whatever it was, went nearly straight (about an 80-85* angle of ascent) upwards into a clear blue evening sky, completely disappearing from sight within 1.5-2.7 seconds max!! And there were no clouds that evening as wed seen trail streams from other jets in the sky at what Im sure was 30k plus in elevation. Again, no noise...???!

To this day, I personally know of no aircraft of any kind from the planet Earth, that can change directions and ascend completely out of sight (well over 30,000) in that amount of time, let alone not making a single sound at all....

Anyone have some suggestions as to what this may have possibly been, because to this very moment, Im certain it was life from another planet.

Below is a photo I just snapped, pin pointing where we were awaiting my mom, and you can clearly see the airports WB strip, and the strips end itself, is within .8 miles of where the red marker is located. The terminal building is the aforementioned 1.25 miles away. Being that close and hearing nothing makes no sense.
And no, Ive never done drugs or ate magic mushrooms in my entire life.
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That is freeking sick man........
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The strangest thing that I ever saw in the woods: Ball lightning! Scared hell out of me, a ball about 3=4 feet in diameter, white light, incredibly bright, couldn't look directly at it at first, then within 5 minutes, it started fading out, finally only the edges of the leaves of the white birch tree that it was in glowed. Within 5-10 minutes it was gone. I went back the next day, you could barely see the outline by the slightly burned leaf edges. Within a week , no sign at all. Last year, riding my Cat Diesel, came face to face with a large mountain lion. A mountain lion that is extinct in Maine, haha. Possibly the same one that killed a neighbor's horse. The guy with the cow, caught a neighbor with one of our cows, let's say, he knows and a neighbor girl saw it. Think he's pretty happy that we never spilled the beans.

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Bump again, more stories guy's.


John 14:6 KJV Jesus saith unto him,I am the way,the truth,and the life: no man cometh unto the Father,but by me.

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