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T.Ray 04-30-2019 03:13 PM

A Alternative For the TRV Cruiser Model
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My 2008 Arctic Cat 650 H1 TRV came as the standard model if you want to call it that. Arctic Cat also offered a cruiser model TRV that has a extended metal bar with a heavy plastic rack in which a storage/trunk is mounted to this plastic rack known as the cruiser model TRV. That factory storage/trunk is quite pricey if you can still buy it from Arctic Cat and not to cheap if you can find one on Ebay used.

At first I only wanted the cruiser extended metal rack with the heavy plastic carrier to be able to carry a cooler, backpack, or whatever. I had thought I wanted a front storage cargo box for my stuff I like to carry, but I could not make up my mine on which one I'd be satisfied with.

A few days ago I was in my shop and it dawned on me to try the aftermarket Raider rear storage box off my 2005 Suzuki Eiger 400 4x4. After making a few measurements I decided I think it will work for what I want. The cruiser plastic rack has 6- 6mm fine thread brass inserts that worked out perfect for mounting the Raider rear storage box to the carrier rack. A trip to the local ACE Hardware retrieved the nut's bolt's and washers I needed. Remember 6mm fine thread bolts.

I have no idea what model number the Raider storage box is because I bought it new not long after I purchased the Suzuki Eiger in 2013. The AC extended metal carrier rack with the plastic cargo carrier I got it off Ebay. Some one in Canada just happened to be parting out a I believe a 2009-2011 Arctic Cat 1000 TRV cruiser model. It bolted right in place on the 2008 TRV.

The only down side I have found since mounting the Raider rear storage box on the Arctic Cat is once it's bolted down you are not able to remove the rear passenger seat. I found away around that though, the passenger seat has some flexibility to where I can get my hand underneath it to release the drivers seat latch. That way I can get the drivers seat off to gain access to my battery or fuse box if needed.

Below I added a few pics of how it turned out on my 2008 Arctic Cat TRV and there is plenty of room for all my junk I like to take along for a ride.

I also added a couple pics of the rear Raider storage box that was mounted on the Suzuki Eiger. The pics looked a little better to me outside.


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