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Sled: 1997 t cat,1997 zrt 600
having the carbs cleaned by a shop will vary on what they charge for labor, I would think a good shop can get them off and cleaned and back on in about 2 hrs
a lot comes down to HOW they clean them, do they allow to soak for a while in a solution, scrub clean, or use an ultra sonic cleaner?
a lot of times I would think HOW They clean them comes down to HOW dirty they are, ethanol leaves behind a varnish like coating that can be from easy to get off tot almost impossible(boiling in lemon juice helps, as a home remedy)

if your going to go with a rebuild kit on each carb, then that add's to there costs
JUST spraying with carb cleaner doesn't work really on any carb thats been sitting

Higher Octane fuel, doesn't have much benefits to your motor unless it has work done to to to need it

I have friends the refinery busines that MAKE gaoline(diesel and kero and heating oil too)
and they all tell me HIGH grade gas, gets more cleaners in it, and as such, MIGHT help running from helping clean things,
it in many area's might NOT have ethanol in it too, I know several stations by me, there high grade is ethanol free here in my area, BUT not every where!
another advantage of higher octane fuel, is, ALL fuel looses octane as time goes by, so starting off higher, leave more wiggle room say is it staying at or above the 87 needed for these older sleds!

your best bet is to call a few shops near you and ask what they would charge to clean your carbs and and set things up, synchronize all 3 , so there working all at same time to get the most out of your sled!
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Well, it seems as if running the 93 ethanol free gas and sea foam has helped the starting problem, as it took me 5 pulls from a 24 hour sit. I'm to a new problem now though, hitch might be good, it keeps me busy! It idles really rough now. By rough I mean hardly stays alive. The lights dim, the tach says 0, and it bogs a little bit if you punch the gas and hold it there. My best guess is the seafoam might be less dense causing it to sit in the top of the gas tank, and therefore, the tank being almost empty now, it is running more seafoam than gas, therefore running a little weak. Any body got any other ideas? I think it's gas related, and plan to ride it to town one of these days and put the 89 octane in, mostly because it's cheaper and easier to start. Any ideas?
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It will run poorly on a high seafoam - gas ratio. Fill the tank with fresh gas and run it a while until you are sure the motor is running on the fresh gas rather than an overly rich seafoam mixture. If it still won't get past idle tell us about it.

For info on diagnosing the Throttle Safety Switch and other electrical issues common to most of the early sleds, see Blaine's videos on youtube:


Maybe this is a good place to start?

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Think it'll make the 20 mile trip into town to get gas, because the only gas I have in the tank at home is 93 octane.
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Here is a link to a service manual. For 4.95 USD it's a great deal. Why are you worried about only having 93 octane in it? I have run nothing but 91 octane in all my EFI sleds and carbed quads. And the only reason for that is NO ETHANOL. But this is not a fuel thread other than the fact you need your carbs cleaned as everyone has stated. Download the manual, grab a beverage and read it. Google Mikuni Carb cleaning for video's as also said previously.

Forgot to add, make sure those carb flanges are not cracked.

2002 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 Service Manual PDF Download
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As 660catman said, don't fret over the octane rating of pump gas. The important thing with pump gas and small motors is to buy it ETHANOL FREE. If you can only get premium fuel in your area that is ethanol free, then buy it and use it in all of your small (and recreational) motors and live happily ever after. You can read up on cleaning your fuel system and carbs in many threads on here if you need a primer. It isn't difficult work.. just requires you to be thorough.
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