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95 ZR 580 Carb - Twin Pipes good or bad?

I bought a used ZR for an "okay" price. Thought I'd bring it back to life. When I bought it and test rode it, it rand PERFECT. I put about 50 miles on it and now the truth comes out lol. I was converted to twin pipes at some time in it's life... The seller said it was rejetted to follow suit to twins.

Here's what it's doing:

-Heavy Smoke at first firing
-Fair amount of smoke on a regular basis
-The dreaded bog. Idles all day long like a champ. Gas it and it bogs out. Flip the choke lever quick and it revs to the moon (with throttle).
-When I hit bumps it loses power.
-Intermittenly loses power when I'm on the gas. Sometimes it runs great, sometimes it runs like it's got itself in the choke hold (literally).
-Very slightly dripping black spooge (oil/fuel) from the exhaust.
-Which plug wire goes where? It runs the same if reverse them or leave them
-If I unplug the plug wire on the left alone, the motor stays running on one cylinder. If I unplug the wire on the right alone, the motor dies.
-If I reverse the plug wires and do the same procedure, I get the same result, left plug wire unplugged leaves the right cylinder firing, right plug wire unplugged kills the motor.
-Carb boot is cracked, waiting on a new one. This is the boot that goes from the carbs to the intake. The boots that go from the carb to the motor are fairly new and in good condition.
-I cleaned the carbs and changed the fuel. Same problem.
-Speedometer stopped working about the same time this happened. Highly doubt it's related but you never know!

It just seems like something simple. I want to buy all new jets for it, but since it's been set up for dual pipes I have no clue what to set the jetting at.

Anyone done this mod successfully? I heard from a guy here at work that it's bad news to convert the Carb 580 to twins. Any truth to that?

I'm really trying to get this thing running good so I can sell it. I refuse to sell a lemon, it's not in my character...

Thanks for any advice!
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The coil wires both fire at the same time so it doesn't really matter which plug they are on. the speedo failure is usually the bearing on the driveshaft under the secondary clutch. $20 bearing and a couple of hours in the garage. As for the pipes I am not sure of the jetting but it sounds like you are really rich and the sled is loaded with fuel. if you can get an exhaust temp reading you could dial in your jetting around 1200 degrees is a good place to run for the exhaust temp
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They all smoke heavly when cold - not a problem. They should however clear up quite a bit when warm, they will still smoke but not quite as bad. The bog can be caused by many things, carb settings, too rich, too lean, clutch problems. By your explanation some of your problems are caused by a too lean condition. If its bogging off idle and clears itslef while at higher RPMs, its most likely in your idle or pilot circuts if its bogging at higher RPMs then its most likely your main jet settings. Some other things I would do is first is a compression check, new plugs if they are not new already. On another note I would also pull off your speedo adapter at the end of you track drive shaft and see if square key is broken hence the reason your speedo quit working. Its the first sign that your drive shaft bearings are on their way out. I have no experince with the twin pipes so maybe someone else can help you there.
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