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I have a 2004 f7 that when riding it today for the first time this year today it started to break up above 6000 rpms. If I got into the throttle it would pull good for a little while the start breaking up. If I would ride at 5500 or so and then let off, the check engine light would flash and it would sputter. At about 3000 rpms it would be ok again. At the end of last year I had the ecu re flashed from cat and never rode it till today. the light flickers when you get off the throttle and the motor sounds like it it is stalling. I cleaner the valves toward the end of last season. Any help? thanks guys!
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How many flashes?

Flash Codes
1 - open/short circuit in throttle position sensor
2 - open/short circuit in water temp. sensor
3 - open/short circuit in air intake temp. sensor
4 - open/short circuit inbarometric pressure sensor
5 - failure in injector(s)
6 - failure in servomotor
steady flash - coolant temp. above 80*C/176*F
constant on - coolant temp. above 93*C/200*F
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it seems to flicker more then flash. Last year it flashed code for temp. It doesn't seem like that. it is not flashing steady. I know it sounds funny, but it will run fine fine if it stays between o and 5500 rpms. If I go much above that it starts flickering and it starts to die and back fire. I let off and and it flickers, in till about 3000 then its ok. I rode this sled all last year with no problems. Like I said, at the the end of the season I had the ecu re flashed. It had a real bad rich spot in it.that is why i had it re flashed. That is gone now. Thanks I really appreciate it.
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i have a similar problem. my f7 engine light flashes and stalls out also.
help would be awsome!!
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Sled: 2003 arctic cat 440/700 EFI sno pro L/C
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hey guys my light just started to put out flash code 3 - open/short circuit in air intake temp. sensor
my question is how to fix it? do i just take it out and try cleaning it and make sure there is no broken wires????
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I had my light flashing with the sled running real wierd and i found a wire in my main harness that was worn thru. fixed the wire and havent had the problem since. just a suggestion for you guys.
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Had the same issue two years ago, turned out to be a leaking o-ring on the head. I would not lose anti-freeze but the engine was over pressurizing the coolant side. It was really weird! I could run for a couple of hours before the light would start flashing, then would stay on. A simple leak down test on the cooling side could determine this.
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My firecat wasnt working right and the servo motor wasnt working but the check ingine light wasnt flashing either so I bought a different used servo motor and put it on and now it doesnt work either and the check engine light flashes the servo motor code, so does anyone have any idea whats wrong with it cause Im getting really torked off. Could it be a wiring problem and should i have to rev it over 6200 rpm for it to start moving.-dblfuel
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You probably did this already, But when things start getting strange, I would really look over the wires good. Loosten them up from the chasis & inspect what you can. On the Servo, you could do a continuity test from the servo wires to the ECU. All the wires on the servo go directly to the ECU harness. I can get you the pinout if you need it. It seems plenty of memebers here have had worn wire connections, or shorts. My F7 had one too, but it was becasue my servo harness was rubbing on the secondary clutch at full shift. The good news is, the ECU's seem to be pretty hearty & have survived these type of problems.
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i had a simular problem with mine...but for me the problem was the servomotor wasint opening the power valves...according too arctic cat dealer here and just by hearing it i belive they said the power valves open at 6800-7000 rpm..when i tried to go over that rpm my sled would bog..backfire and want too die..hope this works
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