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Hey guys, I am currently biulding a mod drag sled out of a 91 700 wildcat in my spare time and I'm looking for some good info on porting and head work. If anyone has any good stuff that they wouldn't mind sharing please let me know. Thanks
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My .02 for what its worth.....Porting is a very time consuming job, not to mention cylinder head mods.....If you have the tools and desire by all means go for it....There are a lot of mod engines out there that can be bought at a very reasonable price that have the homework done already.....I bought a AC based PSi triple for my asphalt project and have had my hands full dialing it in with the MSD and Lectrons, not to mention clutching........The engine purchase was probably the best thing I could have done for myself.....But......That's me.......John Hooper has also built these engines and might have mod parts on the shelf.......Give him a call.... Best of Luck with the project....
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I have a set of Race Logic Sport Port Templates I would be willing to sell you at a discounted price. Let me know if you are interested.
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locate cats race prep manual (season circa '92) and use 650 full mod (f III High output) porting specs while widening rear boost windows width (W6) additional .25mm each side totaling 56.0mm overall, raising rear two upper intakes (H4-H5) 2mm ea to 51mm each,, ALSO widen W1 (exh port width) 1mm addt'l,, then looking at rear "tangs" (cylinder extensions) that support rear skirts of pistons at BDC, starting from inner surfaces (where they're seperated approx21-22mm apart for rod clearance and flowage), remove 6mm off each side, therefore increasing width of this particular "window" to approx 34mm apart on OUTER TANG SURFACES (outer radiuses) while keeping corresponding previously "parallel flats" still Parallel flat with ea other,,,clutch for 9-9100 (hot pipe), 8850-8950 cold (short runs), 44mm mikunis with 680 mains (-10* to +20* @ 200' above sea level), 35 pilots, needles and spraybars were as folows,, BB-5 sparybars, 7DH2 needles, clip in MIDDLE position, this carburetion was run with NO ram stacks, filters, airbox,,,, NOTHING! Try to call Doo's race team in Valcort, Queb., locate Yvonne Gagne (their pipe man) have him build you a set of pipes replicated dimension volumetric wise to team Spencers oval sled from 91-93 only have him form them to fit for afs chassis instead of aws,, engage minimum 5500 with belt side clearance of at least .085" to max of .120" and bolt your hands to handlebars with any kind of adequate traction (it was one hell of a ride)

EDIT: i've looked up needles and spray bars << DONE 10/23/2008 Hopefully, this will help you out (or anyone else wanting to do something like this setup) Oooops! forgot to throw in that it had "stuffed crankcases" as well (in side transfer window area)
i6+ @ work...
<< Wearing these ALWAYS HELPS!
If it's cnote approved it will work good.
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That is freeking sick man........
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I had blackmagic pipes and clutch kit and hooper cylinders & heads. 20/39 gearing and nothing would touch it in 660 feet. MACH1 guys would foam @ the mouth. pretty interesting watching grown men with 10 thousand dollar sleds (1993) have fits on the ice. HAHAHA
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